An alternative to the Maldives is being opened for Russian tourists

For Russian tourists open an alternative to the Maldives

An alternative destination to the paradise Maldives opens for Russian tourists in the upcoming winter season 2022-23. We are talking about the Seychelles, where travelers from Moscow can get direct flights of Aeroflot airline.

Winter schedule from October

The flight program is scheduled to start from 2 October, ATOR said. The national carrier intends to fly twice a week to the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean – on Thursdays and Sundays. Airbus A330-300 will carry tourists. The whole journey will take 9 hours 35 minutes.

“However, tickets to the Seychelles, as well as direct flights to Phuket, also announced in the Aeroflot schedule since October, are not on sale. Sources of Vestnik ATOR believe that the sale of tickets for these destinations will start at least a month before the start of flights. In fact, experts expect sales to open in August,” the analysts specified.

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the leadership of the Seychelles spoke about the importance of the Russian market for the economy of the island state and did not support the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Western countries. Presumably, one of the conditions for the return of direct flights of Aeroflot in the elite direction was the guarantees of the authorities of the resort state for the inviolability of Russian aircraft.

Previously, Russia's largest aviation group operated direct flights to the Seychelles from April 2021 to mid-March 2022, flights were operated to Mahe four times a week. This was a landmark event for the island economy in 2021, as direct flights provided the Seychelles with an active tourist flow: it grew 2.5 times, to 31.4 thousand. At that time, Russian tourists were the confident leaders in terms of the number of arrivals at tropical resorts.

What is the situation with tours now?

As reported by the publication with reference to the assessment of tour operators, the resumption of flights of the national carrier Aeroflot to the Seychelles will certainly increase demand for an exotic destination. Such an optimistic mood is explained by the current shortage of foreign destinations with direct transportation. PAC Group expects at least a 20% increase in tourist traffic, analysts said.

Currently, Russian tourists get to the Seychelles on connecting flights by Qatar Airways and Emirates, experts from tour operators Space Travel, TEZ TOUR and Russian Express. The observation of specialists from Russian Express and Space Travel showed that compatriots most often use Emirates flights on the Moscow-Dubai-Mae route.

TEZ-Tour noted that package offers on the wings of Ethiopian Airlines with a connection in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) about 4.5 hours will become available in the autumn. “The Seychelles are a great alternative to the Maldives. This country can offer a wide range of recreation opportunities: from budget offers to premium segment products, which will allow our compatriots to diversify the pool of destinations available in the coming winter. Now prices for weekly tours with accommodation in a 3 * hotel with breakfast start at 125 thousand rubles. per person,” the tour operator TEZ TOUR told ATOR.

The cost of tours with a connection is as follows:

  • According to Russian Express, on average, package tours to the Seychelles last 10 -14 nights cost from 2'200 euros (130'000 rubles) per person, while about 1'000 euros (about 60'000 rubles) is the cost of tickets.
  • The Space Travel tour operator has offers in the same direction with a flight and accommodation in a 5-star hotel starting from 250 thousand rubles. for two.
    In PAC Group, the average price for a weekly vacation in 4 and 5 star hotels ranges from 4'000 to 5'000 euros (237-297 thousand rubles) for two for a week.

Estimated cost of tickets to the Seychelles, subject to direct flights

According to Russian Express forecasts, the price tag of air tickets to the Seychelles will start from 900 euros (about 54,000 rubles) per tourist. According to the experts of the publication, the tariffs for direct flights to the Seychelles in general will be approximately the same as those currently operated by Aeroflot for flights to the Maldives, the main competitor of the Seychelles for tourists, since the travel time in both directions is approximately the same.

TEZ-Tour experts agree with this pricing assessment. The duration of the flight on the route Moscow – Male (Maldives) is more than 9 hours, and on the route Moscow – Mahe (Seychelles) – 9 hours 35 minutes. It is likely that at the start, in order to “warm up” demand, Aeroflot will offer attractive prices for air tickets to the Seychelles – according to analysts, the discount on the fare may be 15-20%.

Help: Although both the Maldives and the Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean, both states belong to different continents and hemispheres. Geographically, the Maldives is Asia and is located mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Seychelles is Africa and is located in the Southern Hemisphere. For a more active and varied holiday, experts advise to go to the Seychelles, and for a calm and measured lying on the beach – to the Maldives.

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