All for the dough, for the sake of tourists: a controversial review of Pattaya and its entertainment

All for the dough, for the tourists: a controversial review of Pattaya and its entertainment

FritzDaCat reader Oleg V. has never been to Thailand or Asia in general before. “I was in Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, the Czech Republic. During the coronavirus, he flew to Tanzania, Zanzibar and Cuba. That is, I have travel experience, there is something to compare with. In March 2023, I decided to fly to Thailand on the advice of my friends and chose party and noisy Pattaya. I took an inexpensive hotel, I planned to spend more time on the beach and excursions, ”says the tourist.

No matter how I tried to feel the mood, I didn’t succeed

Absolutely nothing impressed: no sights, no food, no atmosphere. Why this direction is so popular, I do not understand.

But first I want to tell you about the hotel. 1/1

Sunshine Vista 3* — budget hotel

Sunshine Vista is suitable for everyone. The voucher cost me 81 thousand rubles, I rested for one week.

The hotel is not new, but cozy. Sociable guys-administrators, good location, all the infrastructure at hand, three minutes walk to the beach. Everything is clean, decent, it’s very cool for an urban “treshka”, you can safely call in with your family and children: the rooms are spacious, the pool is clean, on the roof.

The beach here is quite clean

How clean can a beach be in a city. I read and studied the issue, and I perfectly understand that people do not come here for a beach holiday and the sea. Even the famous Dancing Girl Beach did not impress me (although many advised it as the best in the area), and the beaches of Koh Lan are also very mediocre.

Pattaya is not about paradise beaches, everyone knows that. But then about what? Entertainment?


Seeing the troubled waters sea, I went to seek adventure in the center

I went by tuk-tuk, of course, colorful! The first thing that all tourists visit is Buddha Hill. The statue is beautiful, but the place is very touristic, there is no sense of holiness. Take a couple of photos, nothing else to do here.

Further on, an even more ridiculous attraction is the Temple of Truth. A remake without any historical source, a tourist attraction for 500 THB. On the territory you can also ride horses, get a massage and experience other pleasures for farangs. Crocodile farm, zoos, tigers and giraffes – entertainment is not for me. Frankly, I feel sorry for the animals, especially the tiger, with which you can take pictures, God, how hard it is to look at. Thais, for all their kindness of soul and Buddhist values, are very cruel to animals. All for the sake of dough, for the sake of tourists.

The famous Walking Street

Another painted attraction is Walking Street, a party street. Street of sin: striptease, girls (and boys) of easy virtue, legalization, parties until the morning. Here, again, everything is for tourists, everything is for show. Some of the cereal bars and previously popular places have closed, and people no longer have the former frenzied demand and interest. Personally, I didn’t like it at all, I’m not 20, but 40 is not my level of entertainment. 1/1

One story happened to me too

I went for a massage in one salon not far from the hotel, an ordinary salon, budget. In one hall there are 5–7 beds behind screens, masseuses are large and aged women, a relaxation area with tea and sun loungers, overlooking the vegetation. No girls in miniskirts at the entrance, everything is decent and very casual. Took a regular massage for 300 THB. My masseuse, a woman of about 60, it seemed to me, did an excellent massage, I’m happy and mashed, I’m going to crawl back to my room, as she tells me “Happy ending?”. I didn’t understand, I thought it was her asking to evaluate her work, and I stood like a fool, smiling at her: “Es, es, believe happy!”. But when she already showed with gestures what kind of a fairy tale with a happy ending was, I understood what was happening and politely refused, paid for the services and retired to the room. It turns out that there are almost all salons with a specific massage, but for them this is a purely mechanical process :) Only massage, nothing personal.

What did you like?

The only thing I really liked was the kitchen! Seafood is tasty and cheap, I confirm, and the abundance of fruits is also very pleasing to both taste buds and wallet. But to fly because of this, it seems to me, is not worth it. Of course, I have not yet been to other resorts, but for some reason it seems to me that there is the same thing, only in a more beautiful package. 1/1

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