All about seaside holidays in summer 2021

We recently published a big interview about Turkey, from which you could take the most important latest news: this hospitable country is reopened for travelers from Russia and is becoming one of the main destinations for this summer and early autumn. We figure out together what to consider when traveling, and where to go instead of Turkey.

  1. How much does it cost to relax in Turkey in the summer of 2021?
  2. Travel insurance: why and which one to choose
  3. Penalties and restrictions – are tourists waiting?
  4. Where else can you go on vacation
  5. Crimea as a Russian alternative to Turkey

How much does it cost to relax in Turkey in the summer of 2021?

Now the most budget hotels on the coast of the Marmara or Aegean Sea will cost 150-180 € (about 13-15 thousand rubles) per week for two adults. On the Black Sea, prices are slightly higher, since the weather here is less hot in July – they start from 200 €.

The price of the flight must be added to the price of the hotel. We remind you that direct flights have resumed since June 22, but in the current unstable situation, it is better to check with the airline if the flight will take place. Prices for round-trip tickets in July for one start from 17-20 thousand ₽, it is better to look for it on aviasales or skyscanner.

Everything about sea holidays in summer 2021

Photo – Turkey

You should also include the cost of three PCR tests: one maximum 72 hours before departure (you can not do it if you have a certificate of vaccination), and two upon return to Russia. Muscovites can do the tests for free, residents of other regions can take advantage of the Helix promotion and get 2 PCR tests for the price of one (2880 ₽ for both).

Thus, the mandatory expenses for holidays in Turkey will amount to at least 27 thousand rubles per person per week, but, of course, we must add the classic expenses for food, travel and adventure to them.

View prices for author's tours to Turkey for July-August 2021.

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Travel insurance: why and what to choose

What also should not be neglected is insurance. Yes, they will let you into Turkey without it, but in case of any injuries or illnesses, the treatment will be golden. If you plan to just walk around Istanbul or chill on the sea, you need insurance. If you are going to conquer the mountains, go in for paragliding and try diving – you need it even more, ideally – marked “active recreation”.

Things to check when buying insurance:

  • Does it cover your dates;

  • Which clinics will help you, for what issues and for how much;

  • Whether it includes covid treatment or quarantine: the situation with the virus is still unstable, check what they can offer you and remember that the disease is very insidious.

The cost of insurance for a week in Turkey is about 300-400 ₽ per person, the cherehapa insurance aggregator, proven over the years, will help you choose the right option.

Everything about sea holidays in summer 2021

Photo: – Medical insurance

Penalties and restrictions – are they waiting?

premises – a fine for violating it can reach 30 thousand ₽. In reality, most likely, at first you will be politely reminded to wear a mask.

Today, all restrictions have been lifted: you can relax on the beaches and dine right in cafes and restaurants. For tourists, all Turkish restrictions always operate in a milder form than for local residents. 

Where else can you go on vacation

If you do not want to go to Turkey, consider alternative options for a seaside holiday:

Seaside abroad

Bulgaria, beloved by everyone, has finally opened for direct flights from Russia: visas are being issued, S7 airline promises to launch direct flights to Sofia and Burgas, and Aeroflot has been flying to Sofia since June 25. We recommend waiting a couple more weeks, making sure that everything goes according to plan – and rush to the Black Sea to explore the ruins of ancient cities and enjoy the sandy beaches.

Everything about seaside holidays in summer 2021

Photo – Bulgaria

Greece and Montenegro are still open – the Balkans delight with constancy. True, here you also need to monitor the relevance of flights and take PCR tests, and Greece also needs a Schengen, but local beauties are worth your efforts: turquoise warm sea, yachts, ancient architecture and national parks. Flights to both countries are not cheap – about 30-40 thousand rubles per person.

You can also go overseas to Georgia: they let you with a vaccine and PCR, you can spend at least a year in the country and eat plenty of local cuisine (khinkali!), explore the Caucasus and lie on the beach in Batumi. You can get to Georgia through Minsk or the newly opened Istanbul by plane, as well as by train by land through Armenia, and go back to Russia through Vladikavkaz.

By sea to Crimea or Krasnodar Territory

For a seaside holiday in Russia, you have to choose from two options: Crimea or the Krasnodar Territory. We remind you that the Krasnodar Territory (which includes Sochi), due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, has introduced new restrictions on settling in: from July 1, hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums in the Krasnodar Territory will be able to accept vacationers only if they have a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate, and from August 1 – only by vaccination certificate. In the case of medical contraindications, the issue should be resolved separately. In Crimea, there are no such requirements yet, with the exception of Sevastopol.

Everything about sea holidays in summer 2021

Photo – Sochi

Among the inexpensive resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, Gelendzhik and Anapa are the most famous – this is a good budget option for relaxing on the Black Sea with children: the Black Sea is shallow and very calm here. Holiday prices start at 20 thousand rubles for three people per week. Sochi is a more luxurious option, but also more active: here you can go to the mountains, fly in a hot air balloon, and roll up to neighboring Abkhazia using a Russian passport. Decent housing starts from 30 thousand rubles for three people per week.

The selection of destinations is crowned by our editors' favorite Crimea – the most diverse destination of the Russian south.

Crimea as a Russian alternative to Turkey

Why do we all love Crimea so much? Firstly, this region is a great combination of mountains, man-made sights and the sea. Secondly, everything in Crimea is really cool – the sea is clear, the literary museums in the cities are atmospheric, the caves are frightening and large-scale, the mountains are easily accessible, but impressive. Thirdly, vacationing in this region is quite inexpensive: housing on the seashore starts from 10 thousand rubles for three people per week.

Of the minuses: booking does not work if you do not check the box “for work”; in 2021 there may indeed be more people than in Turkey; there is no concept of “expensive service”.

Everything about vacation at sea in the summer of 2021

Photo – Crimea

Start exploring Crimea with a simple one: visit three palaces around Yalta, go on an evening track in « Valley of Ghosts” near Alushta and go to Cape Fiolent – a place with the purest water. And if you want something more, check out author's tours to Crimea for the summer of 2021.

In 2021, a unique picture emerges: accommodation in Sochi and prices in restaurants and travel are almost equal to the prices for vacations in Turkey, so that these options have become equally costly. However, we can predict a slight decline in hype and prices after the introduction of restrictions in the Krasnodar Territory and the opening of Turkey. At the same time, Crimea is experiencing another summer, classically inexpensive and comfortable, albeit more popular among tourists. Choose your sea, and let it be warm and gentle!

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