Airfare to Turkey collapsed

Turkey airfare has collapsed

According to the analysts of the direction of air tickets of the Tutu travel service, the average check for a flight to Turkey in spring and summer is at the level of 37,530 rubles round-trip. A year ago, the average check was 43,320 rubles for a round-trip flight, that is, the decrease in the average check was 13% over the year. The average checks from Russia (all airports) to Turkey (all airports) with departures from March 1 to August 31 were analyzed. Analysts Tutu note that independent travelers account for about every tenth ticket for this period to Turkey.

If we talk about individual destinations, then the average check for a flight on the Moscow-Istanbul and Sochi-Istanbul routes has decreased by about a third , and on the routes Moscow – Antalya and St. Petersburg – Antalya – by about a quarter. But for a flight in the direction of St. Petersburg – Istanbul, they still pay an average of 23% more than a year ago.

At the same time, the share of bookings for direct flights on the routes Moscow – Istanbul, Moscow – Antalya and Sochi – Istanbul grew from 77 – 80% to 97 – 99%. The share of bookings for direct flights on the direction of St. Petersburg – Antalya increased from 49% to 60%, and on the direction of St. Petersburg – Istanbul – decreased from 78% to 64%.

So, the average check there is back, in 2022 on the route Moscow – Istanbul was 56,551 rubles, and in 2023 it fell to 37,129 rubles.

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