Air traffic in northern Germany again disrupted due to strikes

Air traffic in northern Germany again disrupted due to strikes

According to the German Airports Association , 351 flights were canceled, affecting 100,000 passengers.

Protesters are heavily criticized for the fact that the strike was called without prior notice, which meant there was little chance for passengers to find alternatives.

< p>At Berlin's Brandenburg Airport, a total of 200 flights were suspended, more than 27,000 passengers were affected. 123 departures did not take place in Hamburg, and there were no arrivals or departures at all in Hannover and Bremen.

Moreover, the German trade union Verdi has announced another series of strikes, which are scheduled to start on March 17th. Location — Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart airports.

Lufthansa said in a statement: “On Friday 17 March, the union called for a one-day strike at Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart airports. As a result, Lufthansa Group flight schedules at these airports are expected to experience cancellations as well as delays.

Strikes in Germany have created significant uncertainty for passengers, causing further hardship for the entire country. In February, numerous German airports, including the two largest ones, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, were hit by massive strikes.

In this regard, Düsseldorf Airport recommends that all passengers make sure that their flights depart according to the official schedule before arriving at the airport. Airlines are also urging passengers to familiarize themselves with the situation before traveling.

Cologne-Bonn Airport stressed that a total of 66 takeoffs and 65 landings would not take place before the end of the strike.

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