Air China plane returns to boarding bridge after passenger forgets phone

Air China plane returned to the air bridge due to a forgotten phone

Air China responded to the complaint, stating that their policy is fully in line with current regulations.

Chinese aviation experts noted that in the event of an unforeseen situation on board, the decision to return to the terminal is made by the captain. Thus, his opinion at this particular moment is more important than official standards and regulations.

Passengers shared the details of the ill-fated flight on social networks.

The plane was already lining up for takeoff when it suddenly turned taxiing and drove to the parking lot. The flight attendants at first could not answer the question: “What happened?”

The first thing that came to mind was a version of some kind of malfunction. But when the plane stopped, one of the passengers went to the front door, briefly talked to the stewardess about something, and then the door was opened, and the passenger got into the air bridge.

After another ten minutes, they reported on the speakerphone that the person who got off voluntarily disengaged from the flight.

People in the cabin began to tense up, but everyone's mood was still relatively stable.

The plane continued to stay in the parking lot with the door open. This continued for about half an hour, with no announcement of the reason for the return or any advice on how long it would take.

Someone heard from the flight attendant that “that passenger” lost his phone and voluntarily decided to get off the plane to get it.

Time passed, and the condition of the people in the cabin began to heat up. At some point, the passengers surrounded the senior flight attendant, and then he called the police. However, when the police arrived, they quickly sorted out the situation and only indicated to the crew members that they should work with the passengers in order to remain calm and not get into a conflict.

Meanwhile, another five to six people also decided to cancel their flight and got off the plane.

Someone from the new ones said later that he saw passenger number 1, who got off for his mobile phone. He was standing at the gate for the next flight to Beijing.

As a result, Air China apologized to the passengers, and that was it.  

In China, it is not uncommon for planes to return due to emergencies, such as the unwellness of passengers on board or the sudden death of a loved one.

The story of 2021, when a China Southern airline plane turned back to the gate, is widely known. pick up a boy who badly injured his hand and needed professional medical help. The crew managed to get the boy on board, transport him to Urumqi in time, and the hand was saved.

In 2019, an elderly couple on board received news of the death of a family member and asked to get off the plane at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The crew decided to return to the terminal. The flight was delayed by 50 minutes, but most passengers were sympathetic.

Industry experts say the crew's decision to return the aircraft is in line with relevant laws and regulations and ensures the safety of the flight.

“From the Civil Aviation Law of China to the CAAC regulations, it is clearly stipulated that it is the captain who is responsible for the entire process of the flight of a civil aircraft.”

In accordance with Article 126 of the Civil Aviation Law of China, ” the carrier is liable for losses caused by the delay in the carriage of passengers, baggage or cargo; however, the carrier is not liable if he proves that he, his servants and agents took all necessary measures to prevent losses or that it was impossible to take other measures.

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