A window to the West and East: the expansion of air travel to a country popular with Russians is being prepared

Window to the West and East: expansion of air transportation to the country popular with Russians is being prepared

The aviation authorities of Russia and Israel are in constant contact, working on the issue of increasing the number of flights between the countries. This information was voiced in an interview with TASS by Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi. For the Russian tourist market, this is also relevant in the light of Israel's statements about the restoration of subsidizing flights to Eilat, since the key question is whether it will be possible to find transportation for them.

“Contacts are ongoing. Rosaviatsia is in direct contact with the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority. There is a dialogue between the airlines of the two countries regarding the increase in the number of flights,” the Israeli ambassador said. He stressed that the country remains interested in the growth of the tourist flow from Russia, but for this it is necessary to increase the number of flights.

“The fact is that Israel is not a cheap country at all, and when tourists have a cheaper option, then they prefer it. But before the tourist flow was 600 thousand people, if it can be restored, it would be quite good for our economy. This is a significant part of our income,” the ambassador said.

Recall that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism recently announced the resumption of subsidizing flights to Eilat in the winter season. According to the ministry, the program will run from May to September. It is planned to allocate €60 per tourist. Russian airlines and tour operators have always been active participants in the program – but at the moment it all comes down to whether there will be enough transportation. Read the details at the link.

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