A tourist who visited Dagestan was surprised by 10 things

 A tourist who visited Dagestan was surprised by 10 things

Makhachkala is not as dangerous as it is described, and much more interesting than it is presented – this is how a travel blogger, who described her impressions of the capital of Dagestan, said. On her Yandex Zen channel, she described ten things that struck her in the city – mostly of interest to tourists.

“They say that it is dangerous in Dagestan. That girls here can’t even wear T-shirts – only “decent” shirts and floor-length skirts. That Makhachkala is a backward city with no supermarkets or decent restaurants. I’ll tell you which of this is true, ”the blogger prefaces his story. And then he highlights ten interesting things:

  1. As for “danger”. “In my opinion, every second video about Makhachkala on YouTube is called “Dangerous Dagestan”. This made me feel a little uneasy. In fact, it turned out that bloggers simply attracted attention. Life in Makhachkala is completely ordinary: nice people live here, the streets are calm, and in the evenings lights are on everywhere. I was not at all afraid to walk along the embankment and central avenues after sunset,” the blogger said.
  2. A separate point of safety is the attitude towards women. “Before going to Dagestan, I read that local men can be intrusive. In Makhachkala, I realized that such an attitude threatens only those girls who themselves allow it. Moreover, if a Dagestani sees that you are “busy” (wearing a wedding ring or in the company of another man), he will not show signs of attention. Both tourists and locals told me about this. I myself was also convinced that this is true, ”says the tourist.
  3. On this occasion, the third point is clothing. Indeed, revealing T-shirts and miniskirts in the city are still not worth wearing, “out of respect for the locals,” as the blogger writes. However, Makhachkala is a resort town, and here no one looks askance at tourists in summer clothes. “Local women often dress like Muslim women. Many wear modern versions of the veil and cover their heads with scarves. But if you wear a T-shirt and shorts of a decent length, nothing bad will even be thought of you,” the tourist assures.
  4. Among the things that are clearly interesting to the tourist, it is worth noting such a feature as communication problems. “I flew to Dagestan and found the “no network” icon on my phone (I have a Tele-2 operator). Only a few hours later I found out that in the settings you need to check the box “connect automatically” and select the network of the partner operator (in my case it turned out to be Beeline). Take note: if the phone does not catch a connection in Dagestan, you need to reconnect manually,” the blogger said.
  5. Unusual stores. Here, according to the blogger, there is no abundance of “Pyaterochka”, “Magnit” and “Crossroads”. But “mini-markets” and “Delis” are “in use”, where, as in the old days, sellers stand behind the counters, and buyers look at goods from afar and say they want to buy. “After Peter, this is unusual. I know that there are chain supermarkets on the outskirts and in the new districts of Makhachkala, but they are still very few. Tip: if you live in the center, find the Green Apple store – it has a good selection of products and ready meals, ”adds the blogger.
  6. High prices. “Perhaps the situation is different on the outskirts of the city, but in gastronomes and Green Apple prices are significantly higher than in St. Petersburg. Not for all products, but for many. For example, in St. Petersburg: bananas – 60 rubles/kg, a bottle of milk – 80 rubles, a jar of yogurt – 30, a package of cheese 200 grams – 150 rubles. It is more expensive in Makhachkala: bananas – 120, milk – 100, yogurt of the same brand – 60, cheese of the same company – 200. I didn’t remember the rest of the prices, but still noted that they seemed to me quite high, ”said the blogger. But in restaurants and cafes, prices are lower – and with them in Makhachkala there is “complete order”.
  7. Active movement. “Drivers in Dagestan are very fond of reckless driving. On the roads in Makhachkala, I too often met cars colliding (nothing serious, but still bad). They also like to honk, shout something to each other out the window and generally behave somehow very recklessly,” the expert said.
  8. Kittens. “In Dagestan, cats are very fond of. Walking around Makhachkala, I constantly met them. Street cats always have bowls of food. The locals take care of them,” the blogger writes.
  9. Responsive people. “As you already know, I was at the airport without a mobile connection. It turned out that Wi-Fi is not here either. How to call a taxi? I approached the locals (they were employees of travel companies who were waiting for travelers on an organized tour) and told that I was in a difficult situation. They immediately responded and helped me call a taxi. Later, I repeatedly encountered the same manifestations of disinterested kindness, ”the blogger explained.
  10. “Not the same as expected”: there is nothing special to see in Makhachkala, the blogger notes, but still the city turned out to be “much more interesting, what I imagined.” “I liked the central street, the well-groomed embankment, the beach, the luxurious Juma Mosque. I did not expect anything from Makhachkala, and because of the articles on the Internet, I was even a little afraid of her. But she turned out to be hospitable and quite pleasant.”

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