A tourist showed how he makes a hiding place for things and drinks on the beach with the help of a toilet seat

Tourist showed how he uses a toilet seat to make a cache for things and drinks on the beach

A foreign tourist revealed a beach life hack on how to hide valuables on the beach using a regular toilet seat. However, some found his way strange.

Jordan Flom shared on TikTok his method of hiding important things. “Here's the key – usually if you put your valuables somewhere on the beach, someone can steal them,” he said. However, the blogger found a way to avoid this. The footage shows him applying glue to the toilet lid and then filling it with sand. Then he digs a hole, puts his T-shirt in it to create a barrier, before filling the hole with ice and putting his drinks in there, as well as his valuables such as a phone and wallet.

The camper then placed a toilet seat on top, which is completely hidden in the sand but can be opened to access things inside. Thus, a camouflaged storage place turned out …

The video with the title “Beach life hack changes vacation forever” has been viewed more than 8 million times. However, most viewers did not believe in the effectiveness of the method. “Robbers will watch me stick sand to the toilet for 30 minutes”, “Or just bring a refrigerator?”, “You go swimming, and then you forget where you buried the glued toilet seat,” such comments were left by skeptics under the video.

And indeed, in one of the later videos, the tourist admitted that one day he really forgot where he buried his valuables. Other times, he completely forgot about them. “Funny story… I left the beach and left my things there. Luckily, they were there when I returned 30 minutes later,” he said.

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