A terrorist attack could happen in Turkey at any moment: another country warned its tourists

A terrorist attack could happen in Turkey at any moment: another country warned its tourists

Another country warned its tourists tourists about the risks of holidays in Turkey. The fact that in Turkey “a terrorist attack could happen at any moment” was announced by the Canadian authorities. The country updated its travel warning for Turkey and said “a terrorist attack could happen at any moment.” And although the Russian Foreign Ministry has not stated anything about this, Russian tourists should also heed the recommendations below and at least avoid crowded and popular places in Turkey.

An update issued by the Canadian administration claims that “following the Koran burning incidents in Europe, terrorists may target tourists in Turkey in retaliation.” The warning is quoted by Canadian media as saying that “terrorists may target places of worship, diplomatic missions and places frequented by foreigners, especially in Istanbul and Ankara.” Canada also added that Turkey “is under the threat of both domestic and international terrorist groups”, and the attacks in general “intensified in the south and east, but previously also observed in large cities.”

Also in The Canadian warning provided a complete list of dangerous places where terrorists could target. It looks like this:

  • crowded places;
  • places with heavy foot traffic and places where foreigners gather;
  • commercial establishments;
  • municipal buildings;
  • public transport stops;
  • crowded streets;
  • long queues at tourist attractions;
  • places of worship.

Recall that such warnings have already been issued by about a dozen countries. Following a scandal in which Danish-born far-right Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden, countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Sweden issued travel warnings to Turkey. The UK Foreign Office was the last to report, with a warning saying: “Terrorists are likely to attempt attacks in Turkey. Most of the terrorist attacks took place in the southeast of the country, as well as in Ankara and Istanbul. There is a possibility that citizens of Western countries may be targeted or harmed by attacks, especially in large cities. Attacks can be indiscriminate and occur without warning, including in places frequented by foreigners, affecting public buildings, places of worship, large events or large gatherings of people.” Read the details at the link. It should be noted that the UK is the third mass tourist market in Turkey, after Russia and Germany.

Also, by the way, some diplomatic institutions are closed in Turkey. More precisely, according to Turkish media reports, the British, Dutch and German consulates in Istanbul are “temporarily closed this week for security reasons.”

By the way, Turkey did not remain in debt in this “exchange of courtesies”. Last week, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a similar warning to its citizens, urging them to exercise caution and maintain their composure. “Recently, there has been a surge in anti-Islamic, xenophobic and racist actions in various European countries, as well as propaganda speeches against our country by groups associated with a terrorist organization,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry literally stated. He spoke about the “dangerous scale of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe”, as well as the “alarming level that racist and discriminatory movements have reached there.”

As a result, Turks living or traveling in European countries are being called “ exercise caution, avoid areas where protests could become more intense, maintain composure in the face of potential xenophobic and racist harassment and attacks, contact local security forces and closely monitor local media.” Read more here.

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