A Russian woman in Egypt unexpectedly adopted 5 local habits that she initially struggled with

A Russian woman in Egypt suddenly adopted 5 local habits that she struggled with at first

Five habits of the Egyptians, with which the Russian woman tried to fight, and then unexpectedly adopted for herself, our compatriot, who has been living in the country of pyramids for a long time, told in her blog on Yandex.zen. “When I first got acquainted with Egyptian life, I was categorically against many foundations, and even tried to prove to my husband and his family that it was necessary differently. But time passed, and I began to notice that I was slowly but surely adopting their manners, ”says the blogger. At the same time, in her words, far from everything she “accepted with her heart”, but “a person gets used to everything” and in some cases she is ready to admit that the habits of the Egyptians are “simpler and more convenient.”

What is it about ? The blogger listed the following things:

  • Toilet paper on the table. “Egyptians rarely use toilet paper for its intended purpose (they all have toilets with water), although many families still hang rolls,” the blogger first explained. And rolls of toilet paper in everyday life can be found rather … on the dining table as napkins. “They are cheaper and denser, and you can rewind exactly the piece that you need. Yes, and they call these rolls “napkins”, and not otherwise,” said the blogger. She said that at first she resented this custom: “My association was exclusively with the toilet. How can you ruin your appetite like that? – but then “got involved”. “I buy both rolls and regular napkins, and when one runs out, I can use the others,” she explained.
  • Bread in the freezer. At first, according to the blogger, she chased her husband every day for fresh bread. “Then it turned out that you don’t always eat bread in a day, and the next day it’s already completely tasteless, even throw it away. And if you put it in the freezer, you can take out the cake at any time, defrost it in the microwave or heat it up on gas, and it looks like it’s just baked,” the blogger said. However, according to her, the question is rather in the features of Egyptian bread.
  • Gas stove instead of electric. “I have always been a supporter of the electric stove. Since childhood, I was afraid of gas, and even in Dubai, in a house where centralized gas was connected, I chose electric, and we simply did not connect the gas, ”said the blogger. But in Egypt, she had to get used to gas and, in her words, “it turned out to be more convenient.” “Firstly, it’s faster, and secondly, when the electricity goes out (usually for 5-10 minutes, but there are longer failures), then at least you can boil water and prepare a snack for the children,” she explained.
  • Blanket instead of sheets. It took the blogger a long time to get used to the Egyptians’ winter habit of “wrapping up like a sausage in a hot dog — a blanket below, two blankets on top” — since it’s very cold in their houses in winter. “I was categorically against the first winter. You need to sleep on sheets in any situation. And turned on the heater. Last winter, I first compromised and put the blanket down and covered the top with a sheet. My husband assured me that there was no big difference, but I did not believe him. And then he asked me to try to take off the sheet for at least one night, and leave just a blanket below. And I must admit that there really is a difference, ”the blogger assured.
  • Sleep in clothes. Another “winter” habit – of course, we are not talking about “street” clothes, but often the Egyptians walk around the house in the same clothes they sleep in. “They call it 'homemade pajamas'. It may not even look like pajamas in appearance – a tracksuit or a T-shirt with shorts in the summer, ”the blogger explained, adding that she“ always had pajamas for sleep and clothes for the house. “Moreover, I couldn’t sleep in warm clothes, I need the body to feel the sheet and blanket. But the last few days have been so cold that I was freezing even under two blankets. And so I decided – I just lay down in the warm clothes in which I went at home. And that was the night when I didn't wake up from the cold. In general, the last bastion and center of resistance has fallen,” the blogger said.

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