A nudist is looking for a company at sea. Explanatory

My wife is interested in astro-psychology. You can laugh and not believe it all. But my life has changed a lot because of it. Because the study of different complexes and installations is a very powerful and useful thing.

For example, the setting “You can not change the spouse.” A couple of years ago, I had it so strong that I physically could not watch films that showed betrayal. Physically – literally: I began to break and twist, my mood deteriorated sharply, etc. The wife barely made it through all this with her naive questions, like: “What is treason?”, “And if this is the situation or such?” and so on. But she got through. Now to change or not is my choice, not a setting.

Roughly the same was the case with the opportunity to go on vacation alone, without a wife. The wife can't stand the heat. But, by the way, she was also sure that she had to endure for my sake. But once revealingly burned on the first day of vacation. As a result, the rest of the holiday was ruined for both of us. Since then, in the summer, I go to the sea alone.

But here another nuance arose. I kept wondering how others can go somewhere alone. After all, I am alone – more than once tested in practice – somehow sad and there is no pleasure when someone is nearby. My wife looked at my natal chart – yes, this is normal for me. I have this property of the psyche: you need to be able to share emotions with someone in the moment. Many will not understand this, but my psyche will not change from this: for me this is not a desire, but a need. That is, not “I want”, but “I need”.

Actually, from all of the above, the idea arose to try to find a company. Alas, in real life I have no friends – somehow it happened. Those few friends from instagram and telegram with whom I would like to go, for various reasons, cannot. That's why I came here. What if there is someone here who also has no one to go to the sea with?

Here, however, nuances begin, each of which even individually (not to mention all together) scares people away very much. Someone begins to consider me a pervert, someone a deceiver, someone just an idiot. Can you explain to everyone that in my soul there is only sincerity, openness and friendliness? Which, by the way, I really miss in life – from other people.


  • For a long time I don’t even take swimming trunks with me to the sea. I'm comfortable without them. And, on the contrary, they are not comfortable in them. This does not mean that my companion must or must not undress – it is only her choice. But this means that she must at least be loyal to my choice.

Nudist looking for company at sea. Explanatory

For a long time I don't even take swimming trunks with me to the sea

  • I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm married, I love my wife and I'm not going to leave her.
  • I'm not looking for sex either. Well, that is, between a naked man and a woman – and even in a hot climate – anything can happen, but initially there is no such goal.
  • Given the above, I do not act as a sponsor. That is, I pay for a hotel room (because I would still pay the same amount for it, even if I was alone), and my companion pays for her own way. At the same time, it is initially assumed that we sleep in different beds.
  • I don’t go on vacation for a long time, if it’s not about very long trips, like Southeast Asia. As a rule, 2-3 nights are enough for me, then I start to suffer.

Like this.

One of my friends, who, alas, could not keep me company , said: “Nudism does not scare at all, I myself like to walk naked. And I have never had such a person that you could just fool around with him and be free in spirit and body somewhere on a wild beach, for example.” If you like this statement, welcome!

A nudist is looking for a company at sea. Explanatory

Desolateness, silence and tranquility

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