A complete apocalypse: a tourist called Sharm el-Sheikh a place for lovers of abandoned places and introverts

Total apocalypse: a tourist called Sharm el-Sheikh a place for lovers of abandoned places and introverts

“Landscapes of the post-apocalypse”, “devastation” and “cringe” – this is how a tourist described the state of the tourist center in Sharm el-Sheikh in the “off season” in her blog in Yandex.Zen. She noted that she likes to travel out of season, when “accommodation is cheaper, there are no crowds, and the temperature is most often more comfortable and I’m used to the fact that many places are quite deserted. “But Egypt managed to surprise me,” she writes.

The tourist was vacationing in the resort of Sharm al-Sheikh, which, according to her relatively fair remark, “all consists of cafes, shopping centers and all-inclusive hotels.” And the resort in its description is noticeably “unsweetened”. “I lived in Naama Bay for almost 10 days and, of course, went for walks around the area. And at different times,” she says. According to her, on the waterfront of the resort, tourists “are greeted by closed shops, abandoned cafes and collapsed buildings.” There are only a few working establishments, but even there the tourist “did not even see visitors in the evenings.” She went on to talk about a dive club where, although “half of the building is frankly falling apart,” divers gather every morning.

“Now they can object to me here, saying that in the southern cities it is always deserted during the day and all the movement begins in the evenings. Well, no! I have been to Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. And even during the day there was at least some life on the streets, ”she says, showing the evening life of the resort – also not crowded – the cafes are empty, there are only a couple of shops in the shopping center. Similarly, shops on shopping streets, shopping centers and congress centers are “closed and boarded up”. “With children's entertainment, too, the seams. This is where the amusement park used to be. Now this place is best described by the word “krinzh”, so popular among teenagers,” the blogger added.

“In short, it turned out quite unexpectedly that Sharm el-Sheikh in the low season is an ideal place for lovers of abandoned places and introverts. Straight buzz. But still, I would like to hope that by the tourist season the feeling of the post-apocalypse will become smaller. I don’t think that most tourists will enjoy walking among abandoned cafes, hotels, casinos and shopping centers,” the blogger summed up.

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