A 33-year-old passenger tried to open an emergency exit mid-flight

A 33-year-old passenger attempted to open an emergency exit mid-flight

The incident happened on Monday on United Air flight UA2609, which took off from Los Angeles International Airport. According to the US Attorney's office, she has already filed charges.

According to investigators, the crew first realized that something was wrong in the cabin when an alarm went off in the cockpit about 45 minutes before the descent, warning the pilots that that one of the emergency exits located on the starboard side of the aircraft between first class and the galley has been released.

A flight attendant was sent to check the door, and she noticed that not only was the lever moved to the disarmed position, but the door release handle was also moved about a quarter to the unlocked position.

Although it is impossible to open the emergency exit at high altitudes from – due to pressure differences, and in some cases due to the design of the lock, tampering with the structure can cause damage and make emergency evacuation difficult.

The flight attendants told FBI investigators that they had a specific suspect — he was seen at the door earlier during the flight. The most resolute flight attendant decided to meet him face to face.

The passenger allegedly asked the stewardess if there was a video from the surveillance camera on which he breaks open the door, — it was the very signal that led the stewardess to believe that the suspicions were not unfounded. Subsequently, the stewardess called the pilots to inform them of her hunch, while the crew at that time guarded the door.

Shortly thereafter, the suspect got up from his seat and walked to the door on the starboard side, where two stewardesses were standing in the aisle. He said something with his lips, and then stabbed one of them with a broken metal spoon, hitting him three times in the neck.

Passengers rushed to the aid of the flight attendants and managed to restrain, pacify the criminal and kept him until how law enforcement officials met the plane upon arrival in Boston.

If the defendant is found guilty, he faces the maximum possible sentence of life in prison.

Witnesses on board the plane told investigators that the “neighbor” ; studied the safety instructions and even asked where the door handle was located.

The plane landed safely and was met by law enforcement officers. There were no reports of serious injuries. A spokesman for the airline said: “We have zero tolerance for any type of violence on our flights and this customer will be banned from flying United pending an investigation. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

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