25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

8 years – this is an important stage of growing up. Behind were kindergarten and kid's fun. But this does not mean that the eight-year-old is bored with games, – not at all, younger students still love fun entertainment, just now the games are getting a little more complicated and interesting. 

What games should I choose for a child of 8 years old? It all depends on individual preferences, as well as on the goal set by the parents. If you want your child to learn a foreign language faster, then games in English will come in handy. Educational games (about space, dinosaurs, the underwater or plant world, etc.) will help fill in the gaps in knowledge about the world around us.

Psychological games are extremely important for elementary school students, as they help to adapt to changes in life (school days, new team and daily routine). Thanks to such games, the teacher will find an approach to the child, and parents will help him cope with possible problems and quickly adapt to the new environment.

In general, there are many different options for games, you can learn about some of them from this article Kidpassage.

25 games with children of 8 years old at home and on the street

Games with a child of 8 years old at home together

Left alone with a child and do not know what to do? These interesting games will help pass the time in an apartment or house.

1. “Shadows”

Props: a screen in the form of a sheet, backlight, various items for guessing.

Before the start of the game, the parent will have to make a shadow screen. You can pull a sheet over the doorway and put a lit light bulb behind. The host shows different things from behind the screen (these can be toys, kitchen utensils, clothing items, etc.), the child must guess what it is. If he correctly names the word, then they change places with the leader and now the parent guesses.

2. “Cold or hot”

A well-known game, the essence of which is to be able to find a hidden object in a limited time using hints. For children 8 years old, this game may seem very exciting and interesting. Hide a toy or some sweet prize from your child.

The child begins to look for a thing, guided by your prompts with certain terminology: if he is far from the object, then you tell him “cold”, if close, then — “warmth”, if next to the object, then — "hot".

Games for 8 year olds at home

25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

If it is raining outside and a walk in the fresh air is canceled, do not lose heart and look out the window with sadness. Play with your child at home. And what to do at home for a child of 8 years old at home, Kidpassage will tell you below.

Outdoor games are hardly suitable for an apartment or house, especially if the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room is small. The best option – board or word entertainment. Board games are great for developing thinking and attention, and word games are suitable for children with speech therapy problems.

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3. “Clap”

Props: cotton.

Before starting the game, prepare a cotton – it should be something light (a pen, a piece of cotton or paper). Participants take turns tossing the cotton up and blowing on it. The task of the players – keep the cotton in the air for as long as possible. You can mark the time, or you can blow on the cotton, thus passing it to each other. Another version of the game – The cotton is placed on the table, you need to blow it to the opponent's side.

4. “Word-weaver”

Props: cards with words.

The parent (teacher, presenter) stocks up with cards, each of which has a long word written on it. It is desirable that it consists of more than 10 letters. Child's task – make up as many small words as possible from a long word. You can add a touch of excitement to the game and compete who will make the most words.

Music games

25 indoor and outdoor games for 8 year olds

Children perceive music differently than adults. They easily begin to sing and dance to any sounding melody, and they are not at all embarrassed by either the lack of hearing, voice or sense of rhythm, or the presence of spectators (the latter, on the contrary, can even push the child to an impromptu concert). Both a calm and a hyperactive child will be happy to take part in dance/music games.

5. “Burners”

Many people know this game called “Burn, burn bright!”. The rules of the game are similar to the well-known “Brook”. The number of participants must be odd. A leader is chosen, and everyone else is divided into pairs.

The players begin to sing a song:

Shine brightly
gone out.
Look at the sky:
The birds are flying,
The bells are ringing!

As soon as the last line has sounded, the extreme pair disengages their hands and runs along the column of other players, one – on the left side, another – from the right. Their task – dodge the leader, stand at the beginning of the column and clasp hands again, the leader must catch them and knock them down.

If the presenter taunted one of the players, then they change places – the leader becomes a pair with the second participant, and the caught player becomes the leader.

6. “Fancy Dances”

Props: a hat and notes with tasks.

The game is simple, but at the same time funny and exciting. Before starting, you need to select several musical compositions and number them. Conditions should be written on pieces of paper (“dance with only hands”, “dance with only eyebrows”, “dance with an evil face”, etc.). The notes are folded into a hat and shuffled. The player calls a number and pulls out a note, thus choosing a song and conditions for dancing.

Board games

25 games with children 8 years old at home and outside

Curious, inquisitive eight-year-olds love interesting entertaining games. If at a younger age children prioritize entertainment associated with physical activity (runners, catch-ups, etc.), then schoolchildren already have more developed perseverance, they may well pass the whole evening playing an exciting board game.

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7. “Matches”

Props: a box of matches, one of which must be marked.

Every parent teaches their child that matches are not a toy for children, but is it really so? Kidpassage is sure that, if used correctly, matches can serve as props for exciting fun.

Participants in the game take 11 matches, one of which needs to be marked somehow (it can be a burnt or broken match, the mark can also be drawn marker). The first participant takes a handful of matches from two palms and throws them on the table in such a way that a bunch of matches can be circled with the outstretched forefinger and thumb.

If you can’t circle the matches, you need to throw it again. Then you should carefully pull out one match at a time so that the rest do not move. For each successfully drawn match, the player receives 10 points. If you managed to successfully get the marked match, the number of bonus points increases to 100. As soon as any match is moved, the move is passed to the next player.

8. "Tanks"

Props: a sheet of paper in a box, stationery.

All you need for this game is a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. The sheet must be folded in half, after which each player draws on his half the tanks advancing on the enemy. The players agree on the number of tanks in advance. It is better that there are no more than ten of them, each tank is about 1 cm in size (about two cells).

Further, by drawing lots, it is determined who will shoot first. The player who received the right of the first move draws a thick dot on his half of the field, then folds the sheet along the line and draws on his dot, but from the back. That is, the dot is imprinted on the opponent's field – this is the shot.

If the player's shot covered the enemy tank, then he draws a red explosion in place and makes another move. If the shot was blank and did not hit any tanks, then the move is passed to the opponent.

Games for a group of children aged 8

25 games with children 8 years at home and on the street

Usually eight-year-olds are already able to figure out how to have fun in the company of friends. But sometimes they also have periods when nothing interesting comes to mind, but they want to learn new entertainment. In such cases, a teacher or parents can come to the rescue by offering group games of an intellectual or sports orientation.

9. “Danetki”

From the name it is obvious that the game is based on two words – “yes” and “no.” The facilitator describes a situation that, at first glance, seems fantastic, impossible or difficult to do. Players must answer the question “How could this happen?” or “What really happened?”, for this they, in turn, ask leading questions to the facilitator. But questions should be such that the answer to them is only “yes”; or “No.

Examples of situations:

  • A squirrel sits on a tree branch. It is necessary to saw off a branch without frightening the animal. How to do it? (For example, wait for a squirrel to run away.)
  • A man was selling a cure for seasickness. Despite the fact that the remedy was effective and absolutely worked, the man was arrested for fraud. Why? (This is a remedy – advice to stay at home and not go sailing).
  • Why can a sparrow eat a seed, but a pony cannot? (The pony is too big so the sparrow can't eat it).
  • The plane took off into the air, and then began to fall. With all his might, he hit the ground, but none of the passengers were injured. How could this happen? (It was a paper/toy plane; there were no passengers on the plane, etc.)
  • The man ran out of the house to buy a burying tool faster. What happened to him? (Rhinitis, pipette tool –).

A large number of different situations, which differ in topics and levels of difficulty, can be found on the Internet. There are also ready-made sets of task cards on sale.

10. “Sparrows and Ravens”

The game is quite simple. In fact, these are ordinary catch-ups, but there is a small nuance. Participants are divided into two teams – “Sparrows” and The Ravens. At the command of the host “Sparrows!” sparrow participants must rush to catch up with crow participants, and on the command “Crows!” – vice versa.

The nuance of the game is that the presenter stretches the – «Wooooo… robots! or “Wooooo” hellip; rony! The players are in suspense and until the last moment they cannot understand whether to run away or catch up with them. Moreover, the presenter can call other words: “Wooo” hellip; po… NKA!, "Voo… po… WKA! ", "Wooo & hellip; po… TA!».

Logic games

25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

No one doubts the need to develop logical thinking, but the question is how exactly to do it occurs to many. Logic helps to make the right informed decisions, not to get lost in the information flow, to clearly formulate your thoughts. There are many games and tasks for the development of logical thinking.

11. «Tarantinki» (“Who am I?”)

A popular game that will captivate not only children, but also adults. Players secretly write on a small piece of paper the name of a literary or cinematic hero, actor, musician – in general, any famous person. Next, the participant passes his leaflet to the neighbor, and he, without looking, glues it on his forehead. When all the papers are glued, the game begins.

Participants take turns asking leading questions to find out who they are. Questions should be worded in such a way that they can only be answered “yes”; or “no”.

Sample questions:

Am I male/female?
Am I a fictional character/real person?
Do I have a mustache?
Am I over ___ years old?

Usually, the game continues until the first winner, but if you wish, you can play until all the personalities are guessed.

12. “There is a contact!”

Another fairly well-known game that develops logical thinking, memory and ingenuity. The host thinks of a word (common noun) and informs the participants of its first letter. Players begin to come up with words for this letter and ask leading questions to the host without naming the hidden word. It will be clearer if you give an example.

The host thought of the word “Watermelon”.
Host: The first letter is “A”.
Player 1: Is it the last month of summer?
Narrator: No, it's not August.
Player 2: Is it a marine predator?
Narrator: No, it's not a shark.

If the facilitator did not guess the word invented by the participant, this task is transferred to other players. The participant who thinks that he has learned the hidden word must say “There is a contact!” and start counting “One, two, three!”. On the count of “three” the inventor and the guesser must simultaneously name the word. If the words matched, then there is “contact” indeed, the leader tells the participants the second letter of his word. Further, the players' attempts continue, but they think of words already in the first two (three, etc.) letters.

Educational games

25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

Younger students are incredibly inquisitive, they absorb new information like a sponge. It is not for nothing that primary school age is considered the best period in a child's life for gaining knowledge. Eight-year-olds will appreciate games about dinosaurs, space, nature, the underwater world and the environment.

13. “Scientific experiments”

It is difficult to call it a game in the full sense, scientific experiments are rather interesting and educational entertainment. Not all experiments need to be carried out in a laboratory using special equipment; some experiments can be tried at home. Soda volcano, mini-tornado in a jar, invisible ink – there are many experiences that will seem like real magic to an eight-year-old.

Here are some examples of science experiments you can do with your child at home.

Walking water. You will need several plastic cups, food coloring in different colors, paper towels/napkins, and water. Glasses need to be put in a row, pour a little water into every second, add food coloring to all cups. Next, you need to make several strips of paper napkins and place them in glasses as follows: one end is lowered into a glass of water, the second – into an adjacent empty container. Over time, the water will move from a full to an empty glass, while each strip will turn into a separate color, which will give the whole structure an unusual bright look.

Multilayered bottle.For this experiment, you need to prepare honey, corn syrup, dishwashing detergent, water, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, lamp oil and a tall narrow vessel. All liquids must be poured into the vessel in the order in which they are indicated above. The components have different densities, so they do not mix, but are placed in the bottle in even layers. The result is a creative striped bottle.

Foam party. Mix hydrogen peroxide (10%), food coloring and dishwashing detergent in a jar. Add some yeast and enjoy the amazing – splash of lush foam.

Egg ball.An elementary, but at the same time quite an interesting experiment. You need to place the egg (raw or boiled) in a container, pour it with vinegar and leave for 24 hours. The acid in the vinegar will not only corrode the shell, but also create an unusual elastic membrane that will make the egg look like a bouncing ball.

Math Games

 25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

Mathematics – one of the sciences that will definitely come in handy for children in adulthood, so the study of the discipline should be given special attention. Any material, even as complex as addition, subtraction and other arithmetic operations, will be remembered easily and simply if it is presented in an interesting way.

14. “Even, odd and the number seven”

This game can be played when you go somewhere with your child. The lesson not only trains mathematical skills, but also perfectly develops attention. The parent or leader calls any number or number. If it is even, the child crouches, odd – bounces if the number contains the number seven – says some funny phrase, grunts, crows like a rooster: in general, makes some pre-made sounds.

15. “Fly”

A fly is drawn on a piece of paper in a box. The host gives the fly instructions where to move – how many cells and in what direction (for example, five cells to the left, two cells up). The child mentally moves the fly. If she allegedly went out of the playing field, then you need to clap. This will mean that the player has caught the fly and won. In this case, the leader and the player change roles. If the clap was missed, then the child lost and the leader again sets the coordinates.

New Year's games

25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

Children of all ages simply love the New Year holidays, especially if a rich entertainment program is provided on the eve of the holiday and on New Year's Eve. What to play with eight year olds on the most magical holiday of the year?

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< h3>16. «The Chimes»

Props: various holiday paraphernalia, garlands, tinsel, Christmas tree decorations.

Adults and children are divided into two teams, in each team a “Christmas tree” is selected. The recording of the chiming clock is turned on. While it lasts, team members must dress up their Christmas tree. (hint: multi-colored tinsel will look very nice in the teeth or on the ears of the “Christmas tree”, and the balls will pass for stylish earrings). The team that best demonstrates their design skills wins.

17. “Icicles and snowballs”

Props: counting sticks (12 pieces), board, ball, stone.

Players are divided into two teams – “Icicles” and “Snowballs”, then line up in two lines, one team opposite the other. A circle is drawn in the center of the site, in which a plank is placed on a flat stone, and on it – all 12 sticks. The team that makes the first move is selected by lottery. One of the players throws the ball onto the board so that the sticks scatter. While the opposing team is running after the ball, the players from the throwing team must have time to collect all the sticks.

If they manage to collect the sticks while the opponent brings the ball, they become winners. If the opponents bring the ball and taunt one player from the other team, then they win.

Speech therapy games

25 games with children 8 years old at home and on the street

At the age of 7-8 years, the final stage of speech formation begins. Primary schoolchildren already have a fairly solid vocabulary, most children can pronounce all the sounds, build complex sentences and lead a coherent story. At this age, attention should be paid to the formation of literary, and not simple colloquial speech, and word games will help with this.

18. “Replacing Letters”

Oral phonemic game is aimed at recognizing the sounds in words. Some children have difficulty distinguishing certain sounds in spoken language. This game is needed just to eliminate such a problem. A parent or teacher should play with words with a similar sound: poppy-rak-lak-sak, kit-cat, mouth-pot, etc. This will help the eight-year-old to hear and recognize the sounds that distinguish spoken words.

< h3>19. "Sound dolls"

Props: dolls (toys or pictures), colored balloons cut out of paper with different images.

During this game, children train those sounds that come out the worst for them. Consider the game on the example of the sound “p”. The host says that Rita's doll had balloons, but the wind blew and they all scattered. The child needs to help Rita collect the balloons, but you can only choose those that have the sound “p” in the name of the picture.

If there are problems with several sounds, then you can make several dolls, for each of which will be prepared your own sound, and collect for them not only balls, but also flowers, leaves, animals, etc.

At this age, children learn the material better if it is supported by visual aids, which ideally need to be adapted to the interests of the child. So, not dolls, but favorite fairy-tale or cartoon characters can be involved in the game.

Attention games

25 games with children aged 8 at home and on the street

Preschoolers best remember the material that attracted their attention, caused strong emotions. But eight-year-olds are able to remember even information that is not very interesting to them, but this task requires a strong concentration of attention.

Not every child of 8 years old is able to concentrate for a long time. As a rule, children of primary school age are often distracted even by minor stimuli; they manage to concentrate on one thing for no more than 20 minutes. As a result, the level of understanding and memorization of the material decreases. To avoid this, you need to train your attention, and you can do this with the help of special games.

20. “Giant Dwarfs”

A simple game that perfectly trains mindfulness. The task is as simple as possible – when the leader says “giants”, you need to stand on your toes and raise your hands up, and with the word “gnomes” – to squat. The leader should say the word “giants” low, and the “gnomes” – in a high, thin voice.

During the game, the host begins to confuse the participants: for example, he says “gnomes”; in a low, deep voice, and the “giants” – thin, or at the word “giants”, when you need to raise your hands, squats down. Children should be attentive and do the tasks correctly. You can complicate the task and gradually speed up the pace of the game.

21. “Do it the other way around”

The game is very simple – the host shows several movements in a row, and the participant tries to repeat them, but in reverse order. This activity perfectly develops not only attention, but also memory. If you replace movements with physical exercises, then the game may well become a substitute for morning exercises or training.

The second version of this game – make opposite movements. For example, if the leader raises his hands up, then the children need to put them down. The leader crouches, and the children, accordingly, need to jump.

Role-playing games

25 games for children aged 8 at home and outside

Eight-year-olds are no longer attracted to story games like “Daughter-mother”; or “Hospital”. But schoolchildren can also be captivated by theatrical fun. And resourceful parents can even combine business with pleasure – for example, turn cleaning around the house, packing for the trip, or other routine tasks into entertainment.

22. “Sorceress”

You can make up a story that an evil witch scattered magic powder around the house, which brings bad luck. To remove the spell, you need to sweep the floor as quickly as possible. A similar technique can be used with other routine tasks: sorting socks, folding things, washing dishes, and so on. During cleaning, a fairy tale plot can develop further – and now the trolls have already joined the witch, who can only be defeated with a polished frying pan to a shine. Or you need to find an antidote for the witch's potion, there is an antidote in indoor plants, but they need to be grown as soon as possible (water, spray, wipe the leaves).

23. “Home theater”

Props: a shoe box, two towels, cocktail straws and printed images of fairy-tale characters or cartoon characters.

Making a puppet theater at home is not so difficult. Glue the paper image on the straw from the back side – and the character of your story is ready. The stage can be made from an ordinary shoe box. When the preparatory work is over, you can start the performance.

You can come up with a story in advance, play a well-known fairy tale or improvise.

Games for children 8 years old

25 indoor and outdoor games for children aged 8

Outdoors are the best outdoor games to play. Schoolchildren spend half a day five days a week in a sitting position, so they simply need active games not only for relaxation, but also for full physical development.

Eight-year-olds need to spend huge reserves of inexhaustible energy somewhere. It is better to keep them busy with outdoor activities than to make chaos in a cramped apartment.

What to play with a child of 8 years on the street? There are a few timeless options that will definitely appeal to active kids.

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< h3>24. “The king loves”

The leader is chosen, who will be the king. All other participants line up in one line, they need to run across to the other side. The host turns away from the players and says one of two phrases: “The king loves ______ color!” or “The King does NOT like ______ color!”.

If the king likes, for example, green, then all players who have this color in their clothes or accessories can safely move to the other side. Those who do not have green need to run away from the king, who is trying to catch up with them and overpower them.

If the king, on the contrary, does not like green, then he delays players with this color, and those who have green no, they pass by without hindrance.

25. “Grandma, untangle the threads!”

This game needs a large number of players: the more people, the more fun it will be. At the beginning of the game, you should choose a leader (grandmother). The host turns away, and all the other players join hands and begin to get confused. You can climb over each other, tangle your legs, climb under the chain. But at the same time you can not open your hands. After the chain is well tangled, the players call the leader in chorus: “Grandma, grandmother, unravel the threads!” The task of the presenter – unravel the tangle of children.

8 years – a rather difficult period in the life of a child, since at this age many are adapting to school life. At this time, the main task of parents – create the most comfortable atmosphere for your little schoolboy. Children's games perfectly help to get closer to the child, at the age of 8 children willingly learn new entertainments.

We hope that our material turned out to be useful to parents and teachers of eight-year-olds. In the article Kidpassage “Fun games with children at home: 22 ideas” there are other examples of children's games.

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