16 Russian tour operators left the market, another one is deprived of the status due to the incompliance of the official with the law

16 Russian tour operators left the market; >The latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency removed 17 companies from the “exit” register. This time, there are few reasons – 16 tour operators could not cope with the problem of financial guarantees, another tour operator was closed due to non-compliance with the law by an official. failure to provide information on the availability of financial security for a new period” were the following travel agencies:</p>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Rada”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Trofei Altai”</li>
<li>Prichal Limited Liability Company</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Kedr”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Sputnik-Germes”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Lady Tour”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Travel company “Classic Tour”</li>
<li> Limited Liability Company “GLADTUR”</li>
<li> Limited Liability Company “National Tourist Bureau”</li>
<li> Limited Liability Company ” Russy Voyage”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Climbing Elbrus”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “River House Sobolevo”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “KanyonTour”</li>
<li>Limited Liability Company “Club 25”</li>
<li>Vtochku Limited Liability Company</li>
<li>Skibasspb Limited Liability Company</li>
<p>It was also deleted from the register “due to the official’s non-compliance with the requirements established by the third part of Art. 4.1 of the Federal Law of November 24, 1996 No. 132-FZ “On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation”, the travel agency “Strana-Reinfo” Limited Liability Company.</p>
<p>And at the moment, from more than 4 thousand companies recorded in the register, only 328 remained in the outbound market. That is, since the “fat times”, the outbound market has decreased at least five times.</p>
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