14 Russian tour operators ordered to stop sending tourists

14 Russian tour operators ordered to stop sending tourists

The Russian tourist market continues to thin out: another 14 Russian tour operators of the outbound market have been ordered to stop sending tourists – such information is contained in the order of the Ministry of Economic Development. The reason is standard – the lack of financial guarantees.

Due to “tour operators' failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for the liability of tour operators for a new period,” 14 companies have been deleted from the register this time. Here is a complete list:

  1. Babushka Tours LLC
  2. Baikal-Sakhali LLC
  3. VJ Service LLC
  4. < li>Edem LLC

  6. Azimut-Tour LLC
  7. Ulysses Service LLC
  8. LLC Cruises
  9. LLC Travel Company Peaks of the Mountains
  10. LLC Extreme Time
  11. LLC Scarlet Sails St. Petersburg
  12. LLC “MurmanTravel”
  13. Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education Linguistic Center “Oxford”
  14. LLC “Ir-Travel”

Recall that the figure of 14 companies is quite moderate. The first orders from the Ministry of Economic Development for 2023 were deleted from the register of up to five dozen tour operators at once.

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