12 tips on how to buy cheap flights

Buying cheap air tickets, you can travel not 1-2 times a year, but much more often. The airfare depends on the day of the week, season, number of days before departure and many other things that are useful to know before booking. Read on for tips on buying cheap flights and start saving on flights now.

12 tips to buy cheap flights

12 tips on how to buy cheap flights

    Buy tickets at night or early in the morning before the start of the working day. Ticket prices are lower at this time and there is more choice. Choose flexible dates. See all flight options for the next few days (± 3 days). The best price for air tickets is 2 months (50-60 days) before the flight departure. It is more profitable to buy tickets for summer destinations in December. The fewer seats available on the plane — the higher their cost. Subscribe to airline newsletters and be the first to know about promotions and special offers. Regular sales run from February to March and from October to November. Check out «Black Friday» and «Cyber ​​Monday» (late November) — airlines give good discounts. Buy flights with departure/arrival in the middle of the week. The cheapest tickets are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while the most expensive — for weekends and holidays. Try to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday at your chosen destination. Flights with a departure in the evening or at night are cheaper than in the morning or afternoon. In this case, you need to take into account the additional cost of a taxi (other modes of transport may not be available). Fly in the off-season. The off-season doesn't necessarily mean bad weather, it just means fewer people travel and fewer air tickets are sold. According to statistics, the most profitable periods for flights are: mid-January — late February and mid-November — mid-December. Buy air tickets in both directions at once (RT–Round Trip). A one-way ticket (OW–One Way) can cost more than a return ticket. You can not use a return ticket. Look for last-minute tickets for charter flights. Unsold seats on charter flights appear a few days before departure. Flight destinations — resorts and popular cities where tours are sold. Fly with transfers. Flying with the same airline with a convenient connection can save you a significant amount of money. Be sure to pay attention to the time between connecting flights and the total duration of the flight. Fly low-cost airlines. Budget airlines (low-cost airlines, discounters) offer the lowest prices for air travel. The ticket price will be especially beneficial if you do not pay extra for additional services: luggage, seat selection, meals. Two low-cost airlines Pobeda and Wizz Air fly from Russia. Each country has its own low-cost airlines. When looking for air tickets, use search engines. Metasearch engines immediately find all the options for flights in a given direction and you just have to choose.

One of the most convenient flight search engines is aviasales, which compares prices from more than 700 airlines, agencies and booking systems. For clarity, the airsales showcases a map of low prices, and using its mobile application it is easy to buy a ticket directly from your phone.

12 tips on how to buy cheap flights

12 tips on how to buy cheap flights

12 tips on how to buy cheap flights air tickets

12 tips on how to buy cheap air tickets

Fill in the search form the city of departure and arrival, select dates and a search engine will show you all flights with prices. Very fast and convenient, try it right now.

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