10 ways to save money on your 2023 holidays – The Travel Hack

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation in 2023 - Travel Hacks

2023 is going to be an expensive year for most people, but there are many easy ways to save money during the holidays. Here are 10 tips to save money on your next trip!

This post was created in collaboration with Lovediscount Vouchers.

1. Book ASAP

Gone are the days of booking cheap flights at the last minute. If you want to save money on your 2023 vacation, we recommend booking as early as possible.

Of course, sometimes the price goes down, but it’s rare and it’s a gamble, so it’s better to book early.

Another benefit of booking early is that you can pay the price in stages. We recommend booking flights as early as possible and spreading out other payments for accommodation, activities, tours, etc.

2. Look for sales, discount codes and vouchers

It goes without saying that you want to look for sales, discounts, and coupons.

Check out things like Love Holidays discount codes and sign up to receive flight alerts on Skyscanner to know when flight prices go up or down. Sign up to receive emails from your favorite businesses and local airports.

Codes and vouchers are great for all your travel perks, including airport parking, FastPass tickets, lounges, and more.

Travel Hack Tip: If you’re booking something and there’s space to enter a discount code when you pay, just search Google for “xxx discount code” and you might be lucky enough to find one. I don’t know. This applies to everything, not just travel!

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation in 2023 - Travel Hacks

3. Check prices often so you know when you’re getting a good deal

A very important tip for saving money on vacation is simple. Find out how much that vacation usually costs.

If you don’t know how much a flight to Paris usually costs, you won’t know when you can get a good deal. If you don’t know the regular price, you’re more likely to fall victim to a “sales scam” where the price is displayed as “SALE!” But it’s actually the normal price.

It also means you could miss out on a really good sale without realizing how much of a bargain it is.

There are apps you can sign up for, but they generally end up with a lot of spam in your inbox, and I prefer to just take a quick look from time to time.

It’s a good idea to have a few travel apps on your phone and browse your options regularly.

I always look into Skyscanner, Airbnb, and Jet2Holidays.

4. Self cater

Cooking your own meals can save you a lot of money on vacations, especially if you’re traveling with a young family.

While it may seem like a good deal to go all-inclusive, it’s usually cheaper to cook your own meals.

For example, in my family, the kids mostly eat basics like cereal and fruit for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and chicken nuggets and chips or pasta for dinner. All of these meals are very cheap and easy to prepare yourself.

Eating a buffet that includes all three meals a day may seem much easier, but it’s actually boring and you always end up going for dinner. That means he is paying for dinner twice!

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation in 2023 - Travel Hacks

5. Go mid-week

Flights are often cheaper to fly midweek than on the weekend. If you are going on a “weekend vacation”, why not change it from Tuesday to Thursday? Flights and accommodation are much cheaper, and everything is quieter. If you can work flexibly or take annual leave, it’s worth it.

6. Don’t check-in any luggage

If you book a cheap flight, you may have to pay additional baggage fees, which can be expensive. So, you can save money by just bringing your allotted “free personal bag” with you.

I get it. It may look small and you may think you can’t fit everything in it, but you probably don’t need half the things you would normally put in a large suitcase!

I rarely bring checked baggage with me these days. If you are traveling as a family, leave one suitcase for five people to save money. We also often stay in self-contained apartments with washing machines, so we can wash our clothes on the go and only need to bring a few changes of clothes.

There are lots of packing tips to help you pack light.

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation in 2023 - Travel Hacks

7. Try a less popular destination

You can save a lot of money on your vacation by simply changing your destination and going to a less popular location.

In the summer of 2023, our focus is on Albania. It looks beautiful and is very affordable!

Here are some changes to your vacation destination to consider in 2023.

8. Eat where the locals eat

You can save a lot of money by eating at local restaurants. Not only will you save money, the food will taste much better, it will be quieter, and you will have a more authentic experience.

This is easier said than done because it’s hard to actually find out where to go without talking to the locals!

A great way to find local restaurants is to use an app called WithLocals. You’ll have to pay, but honestly, when you find a local gem, it’s worth it!

10 Ways to Save Money on Vacation in 2023 - Travel Hacks

9. Make great picnics!

This tip is especially true for families, as eating out for lunch and dinner every day on vacation can be very expensive.

One way to save a lot of money on holidays is to have a picnic for lunch most days.

The trick to saving money on a picnic is to make it really, really fun. It’s so delicious that I don’t feel like going out to buy food.

On our recent trip to Tenerife, we bought fresh baguettes and muffins from the bakery every morning, and we all ate wonderful sandwiches and sweet treats. We have lots of fruit and other snacks, as well as some delicious drinks and canned beer!

Travel Hack Tip: Freeze some water bottles and use an insulated picnic backpack to keep your picnic cool. Here is a list of the 9 best backpack cooler bags!

10. Use a travel debit card

Most credit and debit cards charge fees for international transactions and withdrawals. And since most people pay for everything by card these days, those transaction fees can add up quickly.

I use my Monzo card when I travel.

Why I like it:

  • No international transaction fees
  • No cash withdrawal fees
  • It’s really easy to send money from your usual bank
  • Having one “holiday expense” item will make budgeting easier
  • Easily split the bill with someone else who has a Monzo card
  • This app makes it easy to track your spending and analyze spending trends

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