10 things to do on a cruise ship during sea days – The Travel Hack

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

Sea days on a cruise ship: What do you do during a day at sea on a cruise?

After returning from my recent cruise with Princess Cruises, the most common question I was asked was: What do you do on Sea Day!?

Many cruises involve spending several days at sea as you travel from one destination to the next. They may travel overnight and arrive at a new destination by morning, but they may also cover longer distances during the day. This allows you to spend the entire day relaxing on board and doing whatever you like.

For some people, that might mean soaking up the sun while reading a book by the pool. But if you have trouble sitting still, don’t worry. There’s plenty to keep you busy!

On our recent cruise we traveled from France to Spain and also spent a day at sea as we returned from Spain to the UK.

As a travel blogger, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but sea days are actually my favorite days on a cruise!

Cruise holidays can be very hectic, but a day at sea is the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge and enjoy all the great facilities on board. She would be really disappointed if she didn’t go on a cruise where she spends at least two days at sea!

Here are some of my favorite things to do while at sea on a cruise ship…

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

10 things to do on a cruise ship during sea days

#1. Have a balcony breakfast or breakfast in bed

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

Breakfast in bed, or even better, breakfast on a sun-drenched cruise ship balcony overlooking the ocean, is the most luxurious way to start the day!

Your day at sea can be as active or relaxing as you like. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, grab a glass of prosecco and enjoy all your favorite breakfast goodies.

I loved sitting on the balcony in my dressing gown, enjoying the sea breeze, drinking coffee, and eating bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Then we had prosecco and some sweet treats from the bakery. It was truly the most luxurious start to the day.

“Ultimate Breakfast at Sea” costs $45 per couple.

#2. Use the gym and fitness classes

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

Enjoy access to the gym and fitness facilities on board your cruise ship. It’s incredible to look out at the ocean, break a sweat and feel the endorphins rush through your body.

One morning while I was on the treadmill, I spotted a dolphin in the distance jumping through the waves. I wish I could say that motivated me to keep running, but I immediately jumped off the treadmill and pressed my face against the window to watch them!

There are also plenty of fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and Tai Chi, as well as classes to introduce you to a new fitness hobby. It’s a great chance to try something new with like-minded people that you may have never tried before.

#3. Visit the spa and Enclave

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

You can’t go on a cruise without at least one spa treatment. This is a great way to spend a day at sea. Beach days are always the spa’s busiest days, so be sure to book your treatments early.

I had a hot stone massage during a recent cruise and it felt so good.

The spa also has a special area called “The Enclave” that you should definitely try. Huge thermal his suite with hydrotherapy pool, hot stone bed, sauna and steam room. It’s like a dream there.

A day pass to the Enclave costs $49, and spa treatments vary by type.

#4. Relax in the Sanctuary

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

Sky Princess has a special area called Sanctuary. A relaxing, adults-only sun trap at the front of the ship with plush loungers, private cabanas and hot tub.

Reservations are required and numbers are limited, so it’s a quiet and gorgeous space. Light snacks and afternoon tea are also provided, making you feel like you’re sailing across the ocean on your own private boat.

You can book a half-day at The Sanctuary for $20 or a full day for $40, and private cabanas for $140 for a half-day or $220 for a full day.

#5. Visit a new restaurant

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

There are so many bars, restaurants, cafes, buffets, and snack bars on cruise ships that there’s a good chance you haven’t visited them all yet. Spend her day at sea with an onboard gourmet tour and sample some places you’ve never eaten before!

Yes, I’m on vacation, so it’s totally okay to eat lunch twice!

#6. Play mini golf or basketball

Take full advantage of the ship’s sports facilities and hone your putting skills. Sky Princess has mini-golf and basketball courts onboard!

#7. Attend a class and learn a new skill

Activities and classes vary by cruise, but there are many available. It’s best to keep an eye on the app to see what’s going on and book your spot.

Classes include cooking demonstrations, dance classes, wellness talks, stargazing, wine tasting, music lessons, and more.

#8. Watch a film on the big screen

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

One of my favorite things about Sky Princess was the outdoor movie screen. It was so comfortable to lie on a sun lounger (sometimes with a warm blanket!) under the stars and watch a movie on the big screen. After stopping by the bar for a drink, you can lie back and enjoy a movie while listening to the waves crashing and the twinkling sky above.

At Sky Princess, you can even watch an evening movie on the big screen from one of the hot tubs!

#9. Visit the casino

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

I’m always amazed at how much I love casinos. Whether you choose slot machines, a casual bingo game, or a more serious round of cards, it’s always a lot of fun.

#10. Catch a show

10 things to do on a cruise ship for sea day - The Travel Hack

Endless entertainment at night

At the end of your day at sea, catch a theater show featuring amazing performances set on the ocean. The quality of these shows is excellent and just like what you would see in the West End.

These are just some of the things you can do during a day at sea, so even if you are an active and busy type, you will definitely not get bored. If you’re like me, you’ll want to spend a few more days at the beach because you can’t see all the things to do yet.

If you have any other questions about cruise ship sailing days, please leave a comment in the box below. We will contact you soon!

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