10 Russian tourists are involved in a horrific accident, scaring a sleeping bus driver in Thailand

10 Russian tourists got into a terrible accident, frightening a sleeping bus driver in Thailand

Ten Russian tourists were injured in an accident in Thailand, moreover, the driver assures that the cause of the accident is the tourists who “scared him with their scream.” This information was published by the Thai media. Here are the details.

The minibus was carrying ten Russian tourists, of whom there were eight men and two women, from Pattaya to the province of Chanthaburi. According to some reports, it was loaded with “winterers” who went on a tour for a vizaran. In Rayong Province, on Sukhumvit Road in Kong Din sub-district of Klaeng district, a driver lost control of the vehicle, after which the minivan crashed into a tree, one of the tourists broke his leg, and others were also injured.

The police are considering two versions. According to the first, the driver fell asleep at the wheel. According to what the driver himself claims, he was “frightened by screaming tourists” who thought he was sleeping. “The driver said he was startled by a screaming tourist who thought he was asleep at the wheel. He was fine until a scream scared him enough that he lost control of the minivan and crashed into a tree. True, he further notes that the testimony of the 40-year-old driver, who was taken to the local police station Rayong, “the police are studying with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

As for the tourists, after the accident they were briefly blocked in the bus . However, local rescuers arrived fairly quickly and freed the tourists. Six hikers were injured, mostly non-life-threatening, but one hiker broke his leg. All Russians were taken to a local hospital. Rayong police are contacting the families of Russian tourists in Pattaya to provide them with updates on the condition of each victim, the publication's experts add.

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