we all love


Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.

what inspires me


Lakes can be inspired by various natural and geographical factors


The powerful forces exerted during these processes can uplift the Earth's crust, leading to the formation of mountain ranges.

Sea and ocean

Standing at the shoreline or sailing on the open water can make one feel small in comparison, inspiring contemplation and introspection.

The Travel Tips is a vibrant travel blog that primarily focuses on sharing my weekend getaways and affordable travel experiences. However, it also delves into the realm of motherhood and microadventures, emphasizing the importance of maximizing weekends and embarking on exciting journeys with your little ones.”

Jane Miller


Through my blog, I provide insights into our countryside lifestyle and share the delightful mini adventures we embark on

My blogging journey began back in 2009 when I was exploring Asia with a backpack on my shoulders. The thrill of travel consumed me, and for the next 11 years, I rarely took a break. I had the opportunity to venture to numerous destinations. However, everything changed with the arrival of COVID-19. As travel restrictions tightened, I shifted my focus and started blogging about my life in Wales, concentrating on shorter, more affordable trips and weekend getaways.


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